Friday, May 20, 2005

Cluetrain Chapter 2

Chapter two began with the question of what is the Web for. It talks about how the Web is composed of so many different elements. It is a TV, radio, telephone, magazine, and everything grouped into one source. But one sentence stood out among all others. "The spiritual lure of the Web is the promise of the return of voice." The idea that the human individual voice can be broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people is extrodinary.
We live in a mangaged world where people go to work in suits and ties. They pseudo interact with their co-workers in fear of sexual harrassment, intielligence and jealousy. The article explained that this disconnection from human interaction makes us hate our jobs and crave the internet.
In our jobs our "voice" is the same as everyone else. Since a buiness is managed the only real voice or change happens at the top of the chain instead of the bottom. The internet is a place that is not completely managed. People have the freedom to communicate their voice in a public place. A place that is not threatened by the order of the chain in a business.

Cluetrain Chapter 1

This article began with a shocking truth that in today's society we avoid the subject of death. We refuse to believe the idea that one day we all will die and try to distract our-selves with flashy advertisements. These distractions are supposed to help pass the time and fill the empty gaps in our lives before we die. The internet provides a place where people can see huge corporation advertisements for consumption and allow people to talk about it while they view it. Even though commercial advertisements are un-avoidable, people have the ability to create their own communities separate from mainstream America. The article spoke of the market place that existed many years ago. How people would congregate in one place to consume material goods and converse with one another.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Assignment #3

The idea of producing products in other countries, and having them shipped to America is a good idea. This article points out the pros and cons of globalization. The example the article made of Dell who uses globalization to their advantage, pointed out that the production quantity of computers that can be made is enormous compared to its competitors. Unfortunately, since the actual parts of the computer are made in different countries, one miss shipment leads to total failure in creating the quantities that they are capable of.

When shipments are in order and the company is producing mass amounts of their product, monopolies are formed. Since the Dell company is already large, and is continuing to grow, smaller companies such as Compaq are decreasing in sales. This forces American companies to branch out and become a part of he globalization production process in countries such a Taiwan and China.

The article also made a good point about how in the early 90’s this country turned away from the Industrial age and embraces the Consumption Age. As American’s it was our duty to buy as much as humanly possible and move the factories out and replace them with malls.

I think that the point he made which makes the most sense is our great dependency on these Asian companies. If something were to happen to these countries then our shipments and consumptions that we depend on as Americans will be gone. To think that this country that is so well established and economically advanced depends upon third world countries. If they fall so does our great empire. It is indeed funny how history repeats itself. What I am thinking of is the story of Moses and how the Egyptian Empire was made entirely upon the backs of slaves. We all know the ending to that story, and it will be interesting to see what the ending of this one shall be.

Monday, February 14, 2005


As you can see from my list of favorite links I am a big Harry Potter fan. So here's another link to a fan based news website called The Leaky Cauldron And i will just re-list the other websites. Internet Movie Database and The One Ring The One is another fan based news website but it is for Lord of the Rings.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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Picture of me
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